HTF Ep. 07 Pitchin' Impossible

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Taggar: Animationer Djur Flash Happy Tree Friends Skämt Tecknat Tvshows Våld

Beskrivning: Svenska Vad är roligare än att försöka lyckan på Midway Games? Det kan vara svårare än du tror om du inte kan se, men Mullvaden ger sina bästa skott och vinner en squeezable pris!

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  • es Nagy @ 2014-01-28 16:06:01

    I really aidrme how good you are with your kids. I can tell they love you so much and really feel like you are on their side. Kids need that so much. Especially here in Korea where love is something bought with grades and appearance.I totally know what you mean about being cranky. Mercy.

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  • cn Ifeoma @ 2014-02-08 14:57:37

    A friend of mine bhogut that and once she had it I realized she had been gypped! I own SSN and it is MUCH prettier than the crappy franken they sent her. They had put it in an Essie bottle of course. Note there was NO label on the bottom however nice dodge. All it was was some random dark blue polish with silver glitter added they did not even use a nice jelly, it was totally opaque and dark!I told her to file a Paypal claim, she did, and she got her money back. We also wrote a confrontational m

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