HTF Ep. 48 Let it Slide

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Taggar: Animationer Djur Happy Tree Friends Hemska Serier Skämt Tecknat Tvshows Våld

Beskrivning: Svenska Kul på sommaren! Bristfällig utrustning kan verkligen förstöra en bra tid. Greppa baddräkten och flytväst och C'mon i. .. vattnet är bra. Men Lumpy är "bra" som alltid:)

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  • za Ankit @ 2014-01-28 11:56:52

    Gene Fowler We're co-producing the longer faromt TV series for Happy Tree Friends here at Fatkat Animation Studios. I can assure you that the longer faromt (7 minutes) holds alot more entertainment value then the shorter web series episodes. These episodes hold far more story and alot of room for character development and acting. I do hope you'll check them out when they begin to air, I think you'll be pleasently surprised.~g.

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Shadowness - Your task is to help little unhappy smiley face to reach the green circle in every level. You must avoid light and all other creatures in the room. Try to hide in the shadows to pass them. Use Arrow keys to move around. Shadowness
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