Ragdoll Cannon Level Pack

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Taggar: Arkad Logisk Pussel Skjut Spel

Beskrivning: Svenska Din måste skjuta trasdocka från din kanon till målet med så litet antal skott som möjligt. Det finns 25 utmanande och beroendeframkallande nivåer att slå. Använd musen för att sikta och skjuta. Reglera kraften i bilden genom att flytta markören runt kanonen.

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  • cn Anton @ 2014-02-08 16:00:49

    After 26 years of marriage, I diorvced my husband, left him and our 2 girls to live by myself in an apartment down the street. I never felt so alone as I did in that family. I, too, have given up love for Lent. I feel like a small rudderless sailboat adrift with its sails in tatters but still intact. The water is calm now, but there is nothing else around except the vast ocean with no land in site. I feel uneasy and a mild panic sets in when will the next storm hit? It then occurs to me that

  • ca Lyudmila @ 2014-01-29 09:21:34

    So how much did it cost you total to go to the vet? I same EXACT thing happened to me today and I'm dsgtrauiht. There's Da Bird ripped into two pieces, and the string no where to be found. I'm so scared. Reply</a>

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